Zapopan cops fall foul of the law as they breach university grounds to arrest innocent student

The Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), the private Jesuit university in the Tlaquepaque suburb of Guadalajara, has heavily criticized Zapopan police officers who entered campus grounds Tuesday to arrest a student they suspected of stealing a laptop computer from a van parked nearby.

In an online statement, University authorities criticized the actions of the officers who they said “carried large guns, and acted in an overbearing and aggressive manner, especially to the suspect,” who ultimately “turned out to be completely innocent.”

A video of the incident shows the student, who is using crutches because of a broken foot, trying to escape from the officers, who are attempting to arrest him and take his phone. “I’ve got an exam,” the student tells the officers. University security guards are seen arguing on the student’s behalf. After police searched his vehicle, the student was let free.

ITESO pointed out that authorities need a warrant to enter private property and the university grounds are based in Tlaquepaque, outside the jurisdiction of the Zapopan police. “ITESO asks those responsible for preserving security and public order to respect human rights and act within the constraints of the law,” the statement said. Zapopan Mayor Hector Robles apologized to the institution and said a municipal commission would investigate the incident.

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