Female Throat-slitter accused of provoking panic in the streets, but doubters say police have caught the wrong woman


“She approached from behind and stabbed me,” said Antonio, one of the victims of the “Throat-slitter”, a woman who has been viciously attacking unsuspecting strangers just outside of Mexico City.

“She was thin. Between 20 to 23-years-of-age. As it was dark, I couldn’t make out her face, but I could see it was a woman. She was very agile and flexible. She said nothing, she just stabbed.”

Antonio, 43, was one of several people to survive the attacks in the town of Chimalhuacan. Two less fortunate victims were killed.

The stabbings began in September, when reports of the attacker’s strength sparked rumours that a cross-dresser was responsible.

“Her strength was overpowering.”

“I am one of those people who turns around when they hear a noise, but I heard nothing,” said Luisa, another survivor.

“The attacker was very careful when approaching. She grabbed me by the arm and tried to strangle me. Then she started stabbing me with a carving knife. Her strength was overpowering.”

Local vigilantes threatened to take matters into their own hands and lynch the woman responsible.

Under massive public pressure, authorities swooped on a suspect: Itzel Garcia, 20, who worked selling sweets on the metro.

Police linked her to at least nine other attacks after she was arrested for stabbing a fellow vendor during an argument about money. Her husband, a bus driver nicknamed “the Mouse,” turned her in.

Police reported that four victims have identified Garcia as the assailant and have said she will be charged with the other crimes in the coming months.

Yet doubters have said she isn’t the Throat-slitter, who killed victims without motive, silently attacking in the dead of night.

Read the complete article at Latin Correspondent.

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