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BBC News Hurricane Patricia interview

I spoke to BBC news to discuss the impact of Hurricane Patricia several hours after landfall. Advertisements

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Hurricane Patricia hits Mexico

While the initial damage that Hurricane Patricia dealt across western Mexico was not as severe as meteorologists had warned, concerns remain over the risk of fatalities caused by the volatile conditions the category-five storm left in its wake. The strongest … Continue reading

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Female Throat-slitter accused of provoking panic in the streets, but doubters say police have caught the wrong woman

“She approached from behind and stabbed me,” said Antonio, one of the victims of the “Throat-slitter”, a woman who has been viciously attacking unsuspecting strangers just outside of Mexico City. “She was thin. Between 20 to 23-years-of-age. As it was dark, I … Continue reading

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Social media show-off arrested after posing as drug lord

Police arrested a man who flaunted his criminal lifestyle on Facebook and discovered that the self-proclaimed drug baron was a forklift driver. Martin Juarez Campos, 24, identified as M. Juarez, commander of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, the ruthless criminal … Continue reading

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El Chapo escaped as fellow drug baron La Tuta faked heart attack

The world’s most-wanted criminal, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from jail with the aid of imprisoned drug baron “La Tuta,” who suffered an apparent heart attack, leaving only two guards to monitor 200 cameras. Prosecutors believe the notorious Mexican prisoners … Continue reading

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