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Mexico’s post-political elections

With the doorstep conversations, leaflet distribution, banner hanging, umbrella gifting, TV coverage and endless photos of raised thumbs, election season in Mexico is an all-consuming affair. Yet what is most striking about the fervent, impassioned campaigning is the sheer lack of … Continue reading

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FIFA indictment prompts hopes of soccer cleanup in Latin America

Latin American fans are delighting in the arrest of the region’s top soccer officials as part of the sweeping U.S. investigation of FIFA, the sport’s governing body. Politicians, players and sports enthusiasts have celebrated the news, with many hoping the … Continue reading

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At least two dead in Mexican anti-cartel offensive linked to local police forces

The Mexican government has so far identified 36 of 42 presumed drug cartel affiliates killed in a security operation at a ranch near Tanhuato, in the western state of Michoacan, last Friday. Of this number, relatives of 33 have claimed … Continue reading

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Suspicions of massacre as forty-three killed in offensive against drug cartel

Federal authorities have rejected suggestions that 42 presumed drug cartel affiliates who died in a police operation at a ranch near Tanhuato, Michoacan were victims of a massacre. The government says that a group of armed criminals, the majority of … Continue reading

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A menagerie of mythical Mexican creatures

Mexican folklore, mythology and local gossip are full of cryptids: animals or plants whose existence has been suggested but has not been scientifically proven. Many of them have their origins in Aztec legend, still more were created when the Spanish … Continue reading

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The preachers who claim they can make you wealthy

“I came here to find healing for my arthritis,” said Valeria, sitting on the pew of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, known as Pare de sufrir, or stop suffering. “I was raised Catholic, but I came to … Continue reading

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