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The women at the frontline of Mexico’s battle for press freedom

  A quick glance through the magazine stands or a minute watching the most popular channel, Televisa, should be enough to convince anyone that sexism still abounds in Mexican media. Women are almost exclusively dressed in tight clothes and heels. … Continue reading

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El Chapo escaped as fellow drug baron La Tuta faked heart attack

The world’s most-wanted criminal, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from jail with the aid of imprisoned drug baron “La Tuta,” who suffered an apparent heart attack, leaving only two guards to monitor 200 cameras. Prosecutors believe the notorious Mexican prisoners … Continue reading

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Mexico’s post-political elections

With the doorstep conversations, leaflet distribution, banner hanging, umbrella gifting, TV coverage and endless photos of raised thumbs, election season in Mexico is an all-consuming affair. Yet what is most striking about the fervent, impassioned campaigning is the sheer lack of … Continue reading

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Johann Hari: on the U.S. drug war fought to the last Mexican

In 2011, British journalist Johann Hari was at the top of the journalistic pile. Sharp, brave and energetic, he was the Independent’s best-known columnist and named by the Daily Telegraph as one of the most influential left-wingers in Britain. Yet a … Continue reading

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“I knew they wouldn’t clap,” complains embattled Mexican president

In a press conference on Tuesday that was supposed to revitalize Enrique Peña Nieto’s tarnished image, the Mexican president committed a major gaffe, overshadowing any favorable coverage of the event. After announcing that he was appointing a special prosecutor to … Continue reading

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Mexican president visits White House but fails to get noticed

If President Enrique Peña Nieto envisioned his visit to Washington to meet President Barack Obama as sparking favorable coverage abroad and revitalizing his tarnished international image, the reality fell badly short. Protestors gathered in the snow outside the White House … Continue reading

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Visiting president provides sharp contrast to Mexico’s leader

“Peña should go! Pepe should stay!” was the chant rising from the crowd of about 500 students clustered outside the University of Guadalajara’s Salvador Allende assembly hall. The mostly young audience had gathered on a cool Saturday evening to await … Continue reading

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Mexico’s most astonishing interviews

Impunity is a persistent theme in Mexican society. It has been manifest everywhere from the courts and elections, to the recent massacre in Guerrero. Many Mexicans are suspicious of the two major TV networks, Televisa and Azteca, whose bland and … Continue reading

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