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Interview on Mexico’s 43 missing students

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Mexico students v the state: Anniversary of 1968 massacre reopens recent wounds

Student leader Myrthokleia González was addressing the crowd in the square from an apartment balcony when she heard the first shots. She thought they were blanks at first and tried to calm the panicking protesters below. But Ms González realised … Continue reading

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Mexico’s modern day minstrels sing against injustice

Anyone who has taken a bus in Guadalajara is familiar with the phenomenon: the wandering troubadours who jump aboard to sing songs of broken-hearted love in exchange for a few pesos. In May of last year, a clip of one … Continue reading

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Former Mayor charged in 43 missing Mexican student case

The former Mayor of Iguala, Guerrero, has been formally accused of kidnapping 43 student protestors in September. Jose Luis Abarca, from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) was already imprisoned in a high security jail in the State of … Continue reading

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Mexican president visits White House but fails to get noticed

If President Enrique Peña Nieto envisioned his visit to Washington to meet President Barack Obama as sparking favorable coverage abroad and revitalizing his tarnished international image, the reality fell badly short. Protestors gathered in the snow outside the White House … Continue reading

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Mexico 2014 – The year of the internet meme

In Mexico, humorously captioning photos has become something of an art form. Social media in 2014 was buzzing with these internet memes, which are spread virally online via Facebook and Twitter, or through instant messaging service WhatsApp. New technologies are … Continue reading

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