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Mexico students v the state: Anniversary of 1968 massacre reopens recent wounds

Student leader Myrthokleia González was addressing the crowd in the square from an apartment balcony when she heard the first shots. She thought they were blanks at first and tried to calm the panicking protesters below. But Ms González realised … Continue reading

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Suspicions of massacre as forty-three killed in offensive against drug cartel

Federal authorities have rejected suggestions that 42 presumed drug cartel affiliates who died in a police operation at a ranch near Tanhuato, Michoacan were victims of a massacre. The government says that a group of armed criminals, the majority of … Continue reading

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Report implicates federal police in civilian murders

An investigative journalist has reported that security forces executed at least 16 unarmed civilians during a confrontation in the western state of Michoacan in January. The report, which was presented by Mexican journalist Laura Castellanos, puts into doubt the government’s … Continue reading

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