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The cartel’s deadly grip on Mexico’s elections

GUADALAJARA, Mexico—There is no escaping the fact that Chapultepec Avenue has changed since the Jalisco New Generation cartel tried to kill the former state prosecutor. Despite enjoying a reputation as one of Mexico’s trendiest locations, business has slowed in the once crowded … Continue reading

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Central Americans are more afraid of their home countries than Trump

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Like most migrants stopping in Guadalajara on their way to the United States, Ricardo made it here by riding on top of the trans-Mexico freight train commonly known as “The Beast.” The 22-year-old Honduran arrived at the … Continue reading

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Mexico’s drug war as seen through the eyes of children

Guadalajara, Mexico – One image captures a fierce shoot-out between rival drug cartels, with several lifeless bodies slumped on the street in pools of their own blood. Another shows a gang member hurling a grenade at a police officer. A … Continue reading

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‘I’m a transgender sex worker’

Betzy Ballesteros as told to Stephen Woodman When I was 14 I came out to my parents as gay and transgender. My mother reacted badly. I left my family home and we stopped speaking for four years. I started wearing … Continue reading

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Mexican police turn blind eye to murders of transgender women, say activists

MEXICO CITY, August 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Betzy Ballesteros’ brush with death came on a windy night in December, when a man in a black Chevy Suburban pulled up to the street corner in the Mexican city of Guadalajara … Continue reading

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Pablo Escobar’s son brings message of peace to Mexico

“At one point there was a four-million-dollar price on my head,” said Sebastián Marroquín, the son of infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. “But I don’t want anyone in the audience to get too excited, there’s no one left to pay … Continue reading

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Surreal living arrangements – Mexico’s strangest homes

The concept of the home is at the heart of Mexican culture, “Mi casa es tu casa” says the age-old refrain. Homes are family centers, meeting points for friends and the building blocks of communities. Few visitors to Mexico fail to notice … Continue reading

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Social media show-off arrested after posing as drug lord

Police arrested a man who flaunted his criminal lifestyle on Facebook and discovered that the self-proclaimed drug baron was a forklift driver. Martin Juarez Campos, 24, identified as M. Juarez, commander of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, the ruthless criminal … Continue reading

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Guadalajara’s greatest mysteries

1. The “Black Widow” of Chapala  With a string of suspected poisonings, a strangling and an empty coffin, the case of the “Black Widow” is a narrative Raymond Chandler would have been proud of. Yet Maria Socorro Rodriguez, the femme … Continue reading

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Young, independent candidate secures stunning political victory

With no party backing, very little funding and nothing in the way of political experience, Pedro Kumamoto’s candidacy for the Jalisco Congress seemed nothing more than a symbolic gesture. Yet the 25-year-old independent has stunned the political establishment by winning … Continue reading

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