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Guadalajara’s greatest mysteries

1. The “Black Widow” of Chapala  With a string of suspected poisonings, a strangling and an empty coffin, the case of the “Black Widow” is a narrative Raymond Chandler would have been proud of. Yet Maria Socorro Rodriguez, the femme … Continue reading

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Domingo Villa: Killer left unsupervised during prison visit murders entire family ‘after children complain about their mother’

Former police officer Domingo Villa –– who was already serving life for killing his wife -–murdered his girlfriend, two children and a step-daughter then tried to take his own life. Read the complete article at the Daily Mirror

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Femicide in Mexico: Family of murdered woman await justice, demand new legal interpretation

Little has changed in the two years since Imelda Virgen, a 40-year-old Guadalajara psychologist, was beaten to death on the orders of her husband. The suspects remain in custody but have yet to be sentenced. Much to the disappointment of … Continue reading

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